Friday, August 19, 2011

Art Pirate Studios media list

Here is our current art studio plan (not including any planned performance art requirements)

Other classes, medias, and studio uses can exist as supplies and bodies appear
Please comment if I forgot something.

Art Studio medias:
  • fiber arts (macrame, crochet and knitting)
  • painting (watercolor, acrylic)
  • collage
  • monoprinting
  • found art/recycled art
  • metal welding
  • paper mache
  • body paint
Current Supply list:
  • PAPER watercolor/printing/sketch/matt board/poster board/construction and color/other
  • TAPE masking/scotch
  • GLUE hot glue and gun/elmers/rubber cement/tacky/mod podge
  • PAINT watercolor/acrylic
  • DRAW pens (ball point and gel)/pencils/charcoal/chalk/pastel/markers
  • SPECIALTY USE: spray starch/salt/soap/syran wrap
  • MONOPRINT: carving tools/mono printing paint/inks/brayers/linoleum
  • FIBERARTS: yarn/jute/fabrics/felt/thread
  • TOOLS scissors/wire/crochet hooks/knitting needles/needles/needle nosed pliers and wire cutters
  • CRAFT: magnets/toys/beads
  • SUPPORTIVE masonite/paint palettes/spray bottles/containers/paper towels/paint brushes/magazines
Current studio instructors

General art instruction: Piper, Jo
Welding: Jack, Anders, Jeremy

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bad Idea Bar daily specials and drink themes

Join us for spicy conversation every day and even spicier Bloody Marys mornings.

Our bar prides itself on bad decisions and cheap liquor. Goal is to start before noon and stop when the booze runs out.

Drink themes
· Margarita Monday

· Terrible Tequila Tuesday

· Retched Rum Wednesday

· Yes To Everything Thursday

· Blackout Friday

· Smores Saturday

Art Pirate logo

Camp Description and event list

Name of Camp: Art Pirate Studios and The Bad Idea Bar

Description: Avast ye - We pirates got an art studio! Come hang out, draw,
paint, be piratey and drink grog before the fog at The Bad Idea Bar. Look
for dual school buses! Yaaarrrrr!! 
Location: 3:00 and H
Scheduled Events w/ supplies provided:
Mon-Sat 10-3 (open studio hours)
Mon 4-5pm begin crochet workshop
Tues 4-7pm begin watercolor workshop
Wed 4-6pm glue/collage workshop
Thurs 4-6pm linocut/monoprint workshop
Other scheduled events BYO:
Mon 7-11pm Night Potluck/Burn Night

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Theme Camp here we come!


It is our pleasure to inform you that Art Pirates Studio and the Bad
Idea Bar has been officially placed for Burning Man 2011: Rites of
Passage! Your approximate location is Hajj & 3:00 and will measure
approximately 50 x 100 feet.